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Technique strength: Flipping and pitching shallow water

Technique weakness: Clear, deep water

Favorite lake or river: Falcon, Ft. Gibson and any lake that you can catch big fish. I’d rather catch a few big ones as opposed to a lot of small ones.

Least favorite lake or river: Havasu, Ariz.

Favorite bait: Jig, it’s the best big fish bait. The Biffle Bug is my second favorite.

Favorite fishing knot: Palomar knot, because it’s easy and strong.

Started bass fishing at the age of: 4 or 5

Started fishing bass tournaments at the age of: 15

Year turned pro: 1987

Do you get nervous before tournaments: No

Largest bass caught to date: 12-pound, 4-ounce largemouth

Your most memorable bass fishing moment: There are a lot of good ones. The most recent was in 2011 when my daughter followed me around on Gibson and watched me win an Elite event.

Your biggest bass fishing influence (person): My dad, we fished a lot, and not just for bass. He’s the one that got me started.

If you were not a professional bass angler, what would you be doing: Probably a racecar driver or a golfer.

What question do most people ask you the most: They just ask me a lot of technique questions, where I’ve been fishing, things like that.

How has state conservation programs and bass angler fish care effected bass fishing across the nation: We are getting better on the state level and as individuals. Texas is probably doing one of the better jobs with programs such as the Share Lunker program.



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