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Published: September 1, 2015

Pickups in Stickups and Other Ways to Score on Transition Bass

Fishing gently sloping flats with stickup timber like this is a good way to nail bass during the summer-to-fall transition. (Keith Sutton photo)

By: Keith 'Catfish' Sutton,

In autumn, anglers have a chance to catch their biggest largemouth bass of the year, maybe a lifetime. Veteran bassers look forward to this season, but many weekend anglers dread it because they haven’t yet learned how to locate and catch bass that may be deep one day and shallow the next.

If you’re in this latter group, the following facts could help alleviate autumn anxiety.

Things to Try as Autumn Begins

Changing weather conditions as autumn begins trigger good fall fishing. You should especially watch for cold fronts that drive temperatures in the shallows back down into the 70s. This “shakes up” water conditions, and bass that refused to feed during the monotonously hot weather of late summer may take on a much more positive attitude to food and lures. Bass still stay close to deep summer haunts, but now, with much better water conditions, they’ll begin making forays to the shallows for at least a few hours each day.

Fish near dawn and dusk if you can, as action tends to be better then during the early part of the season. Remain flexible in your tactics. On a 100-acre lake, there could be 10 bass patterns going on at the same time; in a large reservoir, even more. Keep moving, casting and experimenting until you find at least one pattern that works for you.

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