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Published: November 17, 2015

Tips for Catching Bass During the 'Turnover'

Fall turnover time can produce whopper bass for anglers who know how to contend with this season's changing water conditions. (Photo courtesy of Keith Sutton)

By: Keith “Catfish” Sutton,

In 2001, I had an opportunity to fish several days with Homer Circle. We were on Mexico’s Lake El Salto, one of the world’s top trophy-bass lakes, filming a TV show. But Uncle Homer, as his friends always called him, arrived three days late because of a stomach illness.

When he finally arrived at the Mazatlán airport after a long flight from Florida, no one was there to pick him up. The airport closed at 10 p.m., but the driver who was supposed to get Homer had forgotten, and Homer sat on a bench outside all night before the apologetic man arrived.

I had already been fishing on El Salto three days when Uncle Homer arrived, but fishing was poor. I hadn’t caught many of the lake’s famed largemouths, and those I had caught were small.

I met Homer as he arrived at the camp, and because he had been ill several days and hadn’t slept all night, I expected him to want to rest a while. On top of that, he was 86 years old. I didn’t figure a man his age would be eager to fish after his ordeal. But he was.

“Get me to the water, Keith,” he said. “I need some fishing to cure what ails me.”

With that, we were off. And half an hour later, Uncle Homer landed his first El Salto bass — a 10-pounder — on his very first cast. Before the afternoon ended, he caught a dozen more trophy fish, including some of the biggest bass I’d ever seen.

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